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Cushioned Slippers for Men & Women

Ortho + Rest men flip flops slippers have highly elastic EVA cushions that reduce stress on sensitive areas, balance the feet and soften consumables. The comfortable orthopedic footwear for women &men with orthopedic chappal and slippers arch support to provide complete protection for the feet, thus evenly distributing weight. Increased arch support and optimized heel cover provide anatomical contours for all-day comfort and stabilize and support your feet.

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The Orthorest slippers are very comfortable to wear. It’s soft and nice to walk with. I am completely satisfied with the product. It was delivered a day before the estimated time of arrival.


The upper leather covers the feet is too big for a bigger foot person. The sole also Is good.

Vigneshwaran K

Superb products, this is my 1st time online purchase of slipper.
Good quality products,
Good sole
Best price for dr.slipper online only at Amazon.

Keyur Savaliya

It served the purpose as expected with comfort , light weight for regular uses. Hopefully durability will also be there.


Good for use in house, very soft cushion to walk, but very slippery on wet floor. Causes feet to get sweaty.


The slipper is very comfortable and soft.
I am very happy with the product as it has fulfilled all the comfort.

Yash Kukreti

The slippers are soft n comfortable n looks good.
My feet tend to swell sometimes so an adjustable Velcro is perfect for my comfort.


I have been using these flip-flops for a month and these are one of the best I’ve ever used.
Super comfy and soft, they fit perfecty, the sole has a zigzag pattern which doesn’t let them slip.
They can be used during bath and showers too as the water dries up pretty quickly.
Can’t walk on the floor barefooted after using these as your feet would hurt.


Great product
Super soft
Good sole
Perfect fit
But keep in mind.. DON’T MESS UP WITH SIZE
Just measure foot length and look for size conversion charts available on the endless website. That’s what I did
Upon getting this gift, my mom was so happy that it made my day.

Kushagra Garg

This was my 2nd purchase (for my sister this time), after my mom found her’s to be extremely comfortable. It is extremely soft and comfortable unlike any other slippers used before. They loved it. Only one issue: once you get used to this, probably you won’t like to wear regular slippers. 🙂


Perfect fit; light, soft and comfortable.

N. Vithal

Very comfortable to senior citizens…

Vishnu Joshi

Pain Relief Soft Cushion Slippers & Sandals

Ortho + Rest has been engineered from carefully selected and specially blended polymers keeping in mind the requirements of paining heel and foot. It provides the extra yet optimum thrust of cushioning required by an average Indian feet. Ortho + Rest may be effective in many cases. Ortho slippers’ special material provides extra comfort, it is skid and slip resistant and provides orthopedic slippers for men with symptomatic relief in the condition of aching heels and feet. As general footwear (also known as doctor soft slippers, or ortho sandals for Women & Men), its use is strongly recommended to prevent the occurrence of conditions leading to heel pain and foot pain.

Ortho + Rest is meant to support your longitudinal arch while also providing the necessary alignment to minimize overpronation. Our ortho sandals for Women & Men also aid in treating foot ailments caused by repetitive stress by absorbing shock, cushioning, and moving pressure away from high-impact regions.

Were you looking for the best Ortho slippers? Shop online at Ortho + Rest to get the perfect slippers to keep your feet toasty with a pair of our slippers for fluffy comfort.  It can also help relieve foot pain from indoor surfaces, protect your socks, and make you more productive.

Ortho + Rest’s trendy sandals are immaculate for foot pain. From flip-flops and slides to brown, black, and blue sandals, our collection includes a range of sandal designs to make your feet pain-free. We offer the appropriate style for you, whether you are searching for a pair for all-day wear or just heel yourself from temporary ortho issues.


Ortho+Rest provides Premium Orthopedic Footwear with anatomical arch support, which re-aligns the foot and body, relieving pain from the foot and heel all the way up to the knees, hips, and lower back.

Orthotics, also known as orthoses and insoles, are inserts used in shoes to restore natural foot function. Orthopedic shoes are intended to ease discomfort and support your feet, ankles, and legs.

The Ortho+Rest slippers are the most long-lasting and supportive felted-wool slippers ever tested. They’re warm, yet they breathe nicely, keeping your feet dry.