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Ortho+Rest – A Footwear Brand For Comfort & Relief

Ortho+Rest is an Indian footwear brand with a vision to extend classic designs while incorporating medical aids. Our range of finely manufactured sandals and slippers are made with ergonomic designs and adopt the latest innovative technologies to accelerate relief and prevent detrimental foot conditions.


Medically Designed to Foster Therapeutic Aids

At Ortho+Rest, we have incorporated therapeutic details in our products that bring immense aids to your health.

1. Offers exceptional comfort to your foot with medically approved insoles and prevents foot aches.

2. Made with the suggestions of podiatrists and footwear designers to blend style and solace.

3. Helps you alleviate conditions including foot pain, plantar fasciitis, and heel issues.

4. Carefully curated for elderly people and patients suffering from orthopedic and diabetic neuropathic conditions.

5. Footwear solution that has changed thousands of lives.

Why Ortho+Rest a footwear brand for comfort and relief


Cushioning Footwear Technology

Our footwear collection is been made with an exceptional cushioning technology that supports innumerable benefits.

1. Lowers impact on your feet.
2. Maintains the performance while decreasing the weight of the slippers and sandals for optimum comfort.

3. With an anatomical design, the slippers and sandals promote orthopedic benefits.
4. High quality cushioning in the breathable insole offers support to the entire feet.


1. Reduces pressure on feet and ensures ease in walking.
2. Supports blood circulation and ensures accelerated enhanced mobility.
3. Enhanced protection and benefits

Slip & Skid Resistance

Ortho+Rest is the perfect choice when it comes to embracing a collection equipped with functionality and style. With its anti-skid feature, you can acquire resistance to slippery surfaces. Gone were the days, when you suffered injuries and encounter accidents, our stylish and dapper sandals, and slippers extend protection by implementing friction with enhanced grip in your footwear collection.

Comfortable & Stylish Slippers

The classic fit and the use of premium or better, superior materials make our Ortho+Rest footwear extremely comfy and superbly stylish. Add a bit of swag to your daily routine with our exceptionally manufactured collection of orthopedic footwear. A quintessential design is waiting for your way to move your collection to the category of perfection. Forget the pain of high heels, as you have the perfect flats to remain in solace


ortho Comfortable & Stylish Slippers

Dapper & Dependable

With Ortho+Rest, you have the option to obtain something that is both dapper and dependable.

1. We use highly durable material while manufacturing our orthopedic slippers and sandals.

2. With diverse designs and a variety of styles, you can an attractive appeal with Ortho+Rest.

3. Comfy insole persists flexibility and promotes enhanced comfort to your heel.

4. The lasting design and structure of our footwear collection are equipped with strappy designs and an athletic structure.

5. Choose simple flip-flops or your handy sandals and rest assured for a certainly lasting period.

Anatomical Design With Biomechanical Aids

At Ortho+Rest, we have a highly innovative and creative team of R&D that ensures constant innovations and improvements in our product line,

1. With the integration of the latest technologies, our team taps a competitive edge in the market.

2. We deploy a mechanical structure to ensure stability and durability.

3. The footwear structure is created to offer utmost comfort while in operation or use.

4. Whether running, walking, or simply standing, the design offers soothing mobility and accelerated comfort.

5. The light-weight design ensures the least pressure and further encourages treatment of foot issues like pain and discomfort.

6. The scientific structure of the footwear is apt for all, who want a relieving walking experience.


Sourav Singh
Sourav Singh
Good quality slippers value for money
Rajeev Kumar
Rajeev Kumar
The slippers are really good and comfortable. The price is also affordable.
Shelly Romashka
Shelly Romashka
Loved it ! The slippers are really soft and comfortable to wear. Will visit the shop again to buy some slippers for my grandmother too.
Sebabrata Manna
Sebabrata Manna
Shoes price very low and best price .
best in all Vishesh
best in all Vishesh
Extra Soft n Comfortable. After using product can talk about durability but overall good finish , design.
education unlimited
education unlimited
Excellent & Highly Comfortable Slipper.. Super soft quality..
Rimpa Roy
Rimpa Roy
All products quality is good.
Parkhi Agarwal
Parkhi Agarwal
Good product. My mother has arthritis. Bought these for her and she really likes them.
Shreyansh Chopda
Shreyansh Chopda
The slippers are comparitively at good price with an amazing quality and also very comfortable
Deepak.G.sharma Deepak
Deepak.G.sharma Deepak
They are super comfortable and also suprisingly look good 👍🏻 and also their price is not so expensive
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