Orthorest Comfort Blue Slippers

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Need a pair of comfortable and soft flip flops to wear indoors? Check out our Bllue and Red Ortho + Rest Comfort Slippers. With its striking white detailing, the slippers provide optimal grip and comfort to the wearer, even when worn for longer periods.

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Ortho + Rest slippers and sandals has been engineered from carefully selected and specially blended polymers keeping in mind the requirements of paining heel and foot. It provides that extra yet optimum thrust of cushioning required by an average Indian feet. Ortho + Rest may be effective in many cases. It’s special material provides extra comfort, It is skid and slip resistant and provides symptomatic relief in conditions of aching heel and feet. Being an open footwear it is helpful for diabetics as injuries due to closed,tight fitting and hard soled shoes and prespiration are prevented. As a general footwear its use is strongly recommended to prevent occurance of conditions leading to heel pain and foot pain.

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Dimensions 29 × 14 × 10 cm

Black, Blue, Red


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